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torsdag den 11. juni 2015

Devil's breath

He was born to be a millionaire, spoiled and treated like a king 
His parents paid his education, taught him how to shine
He hardly knew them, but they paid him off with money, servants and what not
He never needed money, fast cars and supermodels, so he really didn't care

But then one day he realised that something was quite off, his mind grew darker, he found no peace, no harmony.
His cars got boring, the supermodels were no longer of significance

Suddenly as hope had gone he met this girl, no she was more than that, sort of a goddess, if you can imagine.
She was his heroine, white like snow, sorrounding him with warmth and times of joy
He was kinda happily sedated by her charming world, floating in her seas of endless satisfaction

But suddenly in cold december he had a rainy day, and she was nowhere to be found

He started dating cheap and dirty heroines, till he met Ms Meth Amfetamine
They headed down a southern road and met this guy called Señor Scopolamine, he seemed so generous, seemed to have so much to give, you know, happiness and all that stuff, but as he opened up his mouth to say hello, they realised he had the evilest breath... it was almost like...  like a devil's breath


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