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torsdag den 11. juni 2015

Devil's breath

He was born to be a millionaire, spoiled and treated like a king 
His parents paid his education, taught him how to shine
He hardly knew them, but they paid him off with money, servants and what not
He never needed money, fast cars and supermodels, so he really didn't care

But then one day he realised that something was quite off, his mind grew darker, he found no peace, no harmony.
The cars got boring, the models was no longer of significance

Suddenly as hope had gone he met this girl, no she was more than that, sort of a goddess, if you can imagine She was his heroine, white like snow, sorrounding him with warmth and times of joy
He was kinda happily sedated by her charming world, floating in her seas of endless satisfaction

but in cold december he had a rainy day, and she was nowhere to be found

Eventually he started dating cheap and dirty heroines, till he found his soulmate, Ms Meth Amfetamine
One warm and sunny day they met this guy called Señor Scopolamine, he seemed so generous, seemed to have so much to give, you know, happiness and all that stuff, but as he opened up his mouth to say hello, they realised he had the evilest breath, it was almost like..  like a devil's breath

Written by Morten "Dirk" Klausen

This Hollow Darkness

Silent scream whipped like cream, silent despair, not able to breathe in air.
Her red blood mixing with the black of hollow darkness in her husband’s heart.
Grass is greener on the other side, but she cannot run and she cannot hide.
One day, intoxicated by the poison of his evil soul, he beats her till finally he sees his cruel foul

Written by Morten "Dirk" Klausen

lørdag den 14. februar 2015

Voice of Justice

Sadness, utter sadness gliding into discomfort, just like needles shot against my heart
A tempting voice is creeping in on me: “Hello, I’m Justice and I say: hate thy enemies, they hate you too”
I tell myself: “That’s only fair, my enemy he hates me, he hates my brother, and he hates my sister”
Suddenly I hear another voice: “I am Righteousness and I say: love thy enemy”
I recognize my brother, the oldest one of them, hated and humiliated most of all.
“Your brothers and your sisters fight the hate with folded hands, why wouldn’t you?”

With a lukewarm voice, I tell Justice: “I refuse, I refuse to let your hate be mine”

Written by


lørdag den 20. december 2014

I don't like you, but I do

I don't like the colour of your eyes, 'cause I can't look forever
I don't like your youthful energy, 'cause it makes me feel so old
I don't like your joyful laugh, 'cause I will never be the one to make you do
I don't like your voice, 'cause I can't stream it everyday

I like the colour of your eyes, foolishly hoping to look at them forever
I like your youthful energy, foolishly hoping to feel young again
I like your joyful laugh, enough to even be your laughing stock
I like your voice, it makes me want to cancel Spotify


lørdag den 6. december 2014

Benny Bangebuks' bekendelser

Hvis jeg gik under jorden i morgen… sådan ufrivilligt horisontalt… ville du så tænke på, om jeg nogensinde… du ved… har tænkt…, hvordan skal jeg sige det… hvis jeg overhovedet skal sige noget… anyway… jeg ser mig tilbage… du nærmer dig… sådan næsten helt umærkeligt… nærmer dig horisonten... Måske jeg burde stoppe op… spørge lidt til dig…


søndag den 16. marts 2014

Beauty Meets the Beast

Fall in love, love in fall, winter, spring or summer, doesn’t matter, either way it’ll knock you to the ground
You’ll surely fall,  be it falling soft or be it falling hard, either way you sure... anyway you've got the point by now I guess
Fail, prevail, that’s the game of love and war, it’s the beauty and the ugliness of life
They say that beauty killed the beast, I don't feel beasty really, but beauty doesn't really care

Written by Morten "Dirk" Klausen

onsdag den 22. januar 2014

Jolly good ol’ feelings

I had a dream, it led me to a lake. It was one of those still ones, only passing, nervous ripples that seemed to disappear, the more I moved away. I sat down once more, miserably unable to look in the depths, past lakes took a toll. Some were deep, some were shallow, some were clear, some were diffuse, one was even on fire. I remembered remembering how I threw a match, and how the fire couldn’t be put out, and then I realised; the burns they were still there

This lake wasn’t on fire, no it was calming, yet stirring up jolly good ol’ feelings, reflecting the sun, like a smile, warming up my body, nervous curls of ripples dancing on the surface. I put out my match far away from the lake… snooze… it was a nice lake… snooze… very nice indeed…